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You can also use tools such as Google Analytics or Search Console to track how visitors interact with your website and identify any broken links or failing pages that need attention. Google and other search engines use algorithms to determine the relevance and quality of your content. If your website is missing information on a particular topic, it may not rank as well in search results as a website that covers that topic in depth. In fact, according to a survey by BrightEdge, 55% of marketers say that content gaps are their most significant challenge in driving organic traffic to their websites.
This will give you an idea of just how much new content is needed moving forward. It’s also crucial that you use a content audit template because it will allow you to identify gaps in your current strategy. First, it helps you make sure you aren’t missing any gaps when it comes to content. Second, it allows for optimal organization of your newly found information (including topics and keywords). You must cater to important viewer questions, and draw out various options you may be considering.

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  • This takes patience and the belief that continuing to do the right thing for the search engines and your users will eventually pay off.
  • Do you want to increase traffic, or convert more of your current traffic to purchases?
  • It is simply a void in your content marketing strategy where you are not providing the information your customers are looking for.
  • This isn’t noted anywhere in their official guidelines, but over the past decade of ranking websites, referral traffic has had a tremendous impact on sales and rankings.

When you start a project, you try to contain costs by using
a thousand and one free tools to analyze your web metrics. At first I hesitated because it was less well known than Semrush or Ahrefs but I have managed to rank in the first places in Google for KW with very competitive search intentions. The functionality that has surprised me the most is the position tracking. It is very useful to control the evolution of my
keywords and see how the competition reacts. Your Keyword research has changed the way I approach the writing of posts. of keywords derived
and the speed with which they are achieved, made me fall in love from the first moment.
Take advantage of these opportunities to maximize your traffic and solidify your content funnel. Then, you can determine whether you are missing content that bridges the gap between one stage and another. Use Google Forms to create a simple, anonymous survey to send to your target audience. But this creates gaps where people who are still considering various options may fall through the cracks.
A keyword gap analysis isn’t only important for SEO, but for paid search campaigns. You can use it to identify your competitor’s paid search terms as well. It’s even more useful when you combine your learnings from paid and organic to inform your strategy. We now need to group the keywords and audit the keywords to find the gaps. We can then create a roadmap and action plan as part of the content gap analysis. On top of this, it’s more likely you produce thin, low-value content (as quantity is valued more than quality).

Some content gap analyses are quite qualitative in nature, and that’s fine. But even improving on one or two gaps gives you a good shot of leapfrogging your competition on Google’s first page. A few years ago I wanted to create a piece of content on the topic of link building. This makes customers happy and ingratiates your brand to them among your competitors.
The Semrush Keyword Gap Tool includes keyword overlap visualizations and data tables for up to five competing domains (e.g., your website plus up to 4 others). Over the course of weeks and months, you will (hopefully!) start to see the fruits of your SEO content labors. We may receive compensation for purchases made via these links, at no additional cost to buyers.

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​You can take a look at the distribution of authority across your competitors link profile (as well as your own). Each vertical will also likely have some specific traffic types to look at. ECommerce businesses, for example, might also want to analyze category traffic. A SaaS business, on the other hand, might want to look at the performance of their documentation or partner pages. In most SEO tools, you can find this data in the overview section for the site. Technical SEO includes activities like crawl budget optimization, faceted navigation (especially for eCommerce stores), web performance optimization, and managing indexation.

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Use the insights from your analysis to align your content creation efforts with the keywords that matter most. This way, you’ll not only provide valuable information to your audience but also give search engines a reason to put you on the top of the results page. Then, create new content or update existing content to include the keywords you are missing. A content gap analysis should focus on topics and keywords that are within your main areas of expertise and are likely to attract website traffic and potential customers. SEO content gap analysis also allows you to identify key opportunities to develop new content that could potentially outrank your competitors in organic search. In an SEO context, a content gap analysis is a process used to identify gaps in an organization’s content in comparison to competitors.

Here’s the Keyword Gap tool interface inside SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker. It’s just one of 10 tools inside the main keyword research module of Rank Tracker. This is very focused at the keyword level, though users can extrapolate topic opportunities from this as well.
The second strain of content gap analysis more so involves raw keyword research. It’s all about finding not only the gaps of what you’re not doing…but also what your competitors are not doing. An SEO gap analysis helps you identify areas where you’re falling behind your competitors and gives you actionable insights to improve your SEO strategy. By identifying gaps in your SEO efforts and opportunities to improve, you can get ahead of your competitors and rank higher on SERPs. Then enter your main competitors and click “Compare.” The keyword gap tool will show you a list of keywords your competitors rank for and where you appear in the SERPs for those same words.
Updating your article to include these not-so-much discussed topics will provide a massive boost to that article’s traffic and conversions. The first three steps in that sequence can involve a single button click. If you’re in eCommerce, it’s especially important to explore how your competitors are managing their faceted navigation. Analyze your PageSeed Insights scores for mobile and desktop to get an easy idea of how much your competitors are investing in web performance optimization (WPO) on their key pages. ​Analyze how many links your competitors had 6 or 12 months ago and calculate the percentage of growth.
Some competitors have an overlap with each other, and each competitor has a set of keywords only they rank for. This can help you expand your topical authority and improve your SEO rankings. Blogs, while important elements in providing information to the audience, are not the be-all and end-all of closing a content gap. When looking internally, it’s important to identify any low-quality content – such as duplication, bad grammar, keyword stuffing or excessive linking – and fix it.
This will show unique keywords that one competing site ranks for but the others don’t. It’s how you can find real unique (and often enough easy) opportunities for you to improve your content. In my opinion, Ahrefs’ content gap tools are far superior to SEMRush’s and you’ll see why quite soon. Remember, once you’ve identified your gaps you’ll want to implement a scalable content strategy to pull in all the potential wins you spot. It’s also very insightful to see your current organic competitors based on the keywords you rank for. That might give you an idea of what Google thinks your page is all about.

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